Week 6: Color Theory

Color theory score: 17






Week 5: Logo and Brand Design

What is ITP?
mad scientists
coloring outside the lines
bleeding edge

Visual Inspiration






Favorite logo
While the designer is not clear, the original restaurant was located on Arrow Highway.

Week 4: Composition


Week 3: Typography




Week 2: Signage and Information Systems


Week 1: Principles of Design Communication

Original image:
This poster celebrates the landing of the first human artifact on the moon on September 14, 1959. I chose this image because I've always appreciated the clean, geometric aesthetic as well as the rich symbolism in Soviet-era graphic design.

Underlying grid:
The grid is based on the following three pieces: the text, the ship, and the moon.
Horizontally, the ship breaks the image in half. Vertically, the grid is aligned with the letters
in the background as well as with the ship's mast.

The text translates as Glory to Soviet scientists, engineers, and workers!
Since this is in cyrillic, determining the type was a challenge. Whatfontisit.com identified this font as Dezen Solid Heavy. Using all caps conveys as sense of formality and elevated spirits and this is consistent with the meaning of the text.

The color palette is very simple, revolving around two major colors and two sub colors. In Soviet posters, ships often symbolize progress and communism. As such, the ship is red and it stands out loudly against the pale blue background.

Negative Space
In this image, the negative space envelopes the focal points of the poster: the ship, the text and the moon.
This helps the reader focus on the most important parts of the image.